Input Processors

Input Processors transform the input to a SearchCondition. Each processor supports exactly one specific format, which is described in the reference section of this manual.

This chapter explains how you use the processors and how you configure them to limit the conditions allowed complexity.

Values limit

To prevent overloading your system the allowed complexity of the provided input can be limited a by values (per group), maximum amount of groups and/or a group maximum nesting level.

You can configure a processor using ProcessorConfig.

By default the input is limited to a 100 values per field (per group), 10 groups (per group) in total, with a maximum nesting level of 5 levels deep.

You can change these limits by calling setLimitValues, setMaxGroups and setMaxNestingLevel respectively.

$inputProcessor = ...;

$config = new ProcessorConfig($this->getFieldSet());

$input = ...;
$condition$inputProcessor->process($config, $input);


Unless you must support a large number of values its best to not set these values too high.

Allowing users to pass a large number of values can result in a massive performance hit or even crashing of the application.

Setting the nesting level to high may require you to increase the xdebug.max_nesting_level value.

Input format reference