Doctrine integrationΒΆ

The core library of RollerworksSearch is agnostic to your storage/search index, to help with searching your system a number of optional extensions are provided, called integration libraries.

You need to install these integrations yourself, but other then that there usage is straightforward.


Framework integrations already provide the required registration, you only need to install the package and maybe set some options.

See also the framework integration details for this extension.

RollerworksSearch provides support for Doctrine DBAL and ORM using separate extensions.


Performing complex search operations in a relation database using Doctrine ORM may cause unresolvable performance problems.

Due to the way ORM querying works not all conditions can be optimized for the best performance. Consider using /integration/elasticsearch instead.

See also:

Support for document based storage is not possible due to technical limitations. If you need this, consider using /integration/elasticsearch.